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| Wednesday, January 17 |

Jonathan Bartels - truly one of a kind, and someone I will always be proud to call a friend.

Please see The Pause, a refreshing perspective on how we can heal through moments of silence.

| Wednesday, December 20 |

It's finished! Heather Heyer Way is here, and here to stay.

Let us never forget 081217

| Tuesday, December 05 |

Congrats to O'Hill Workplace for the wonderful semester!

We are so proud of each and every one of you,

and look forward to seeing you continue growing and pursuing your goals in the spring!

| Friday, November 17 |

Happy Thanksgiving from VISAS!

We are sincerely grateful for the volunteers and international participants who embody the

courage, grace, and compassion, upon which the VISAS community is founded.

And thank you to the Parents Fund Grant for supporting our Thanksgiving Day Festival,

providing the very first Thanksgiving meal for so many of our international participants.

| Tuesday, October 31 |


Couldn't make it this year, but happy Halloween and happy trick or treating on the Lawn from everyone at C-ARS!

Last one for us fourth-years :/

| Monday, October 30 |


Quite the day of pumpkin carving with the VISAS family!

Thank you to everyone who turned out, especially those who stayed to provide flashlights into the night

for our more ambitious pumpkin carvers....

And a big thanks to the Cultural Programming Board for the support!

| Saturday, October 28 |

Dr. Francis Collins - NIH Director, renowned physician-geneticist, and UVA alumnus!

Check out the exciting talk with Dr. Phil Bourne, held in Old Cabell

| Monday, October 02 |

Check us out in UVA Today!

Since 1999, VISAS has been committed to providing a space where UVA students, staff, and scholars

of all nations, ethnicities, races, and religions come together for rich, face-to-face conversations and language learning.

Beyond tolerance, VISAS volunteers understand that our

multicultural, international community makes us stronger and better.

Please join us as we learn, laugh, and work together.

| Tuesday, September 19 |

Congrats to our Echols Spotlight and third-year Neuroscience Major, Kris Cody, on launching his company PAKA today!

Truly inspiring work, with the power to change lives in a sustainable way.

Check out his website and our interview with him to learn more

| Tuesday, August 15 |


No words to describe the pain of this weekend. Those lost from hate will be forever loved.

Tomorrow, a memorial for Heather will be held at Paramount Theater at 11am, and a vigil will be held at Nameless Field at 9pm.

Please attend if at all able.

| Monday, April 10 |

Come support us at the 2017 Festival of Cultures on Saturday, May 13th!!

Check out the website to learn more

| Sunday, March 05 |

Of all the forms of human behavior, it is that of apathy that bears the greatest consequences, yet is harbored by the broadest veil.

Let us care and be cared for, let us inform and be informed, let us change and be changed.

| Monday, January 30 |

Power of data in policy - undeniable, yet largely unnoticed. 

Check out this interesting take from TEDxCharlottesville

| Monday, January 02 |

Meet Zakriia, and others who make up the heart and soul of Charlottesville in the C'ville People Project



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